Year 2023 – Volume 15 – Issue 2


2023.15.2. spring DERGİPARK Contents Contents and from the Editor Research Articles Labor, Class, Empowermont The Impact of Women's Cooperatives on Women's Empowerment in Turkey - Aslı Şahankaya Adar, Saniye Dedeoğlu  The Mental Load Dimension of Unpaid Household Labor - Aylin Çakıroğlu Çevik, Gülçin Con Wright Women, Worker, Young: Youth in the Life Stories of Women Workers - Nalan Mumcu  Faces of Violence Cross Border Marriages, “Bargaining with Patriarchy” and Gender Based Violence: A Case of Kyrgyz Women in Turkey - Emel Coşun  Various Standpoints in the Istanbul Convention [...]

Year 2023 – Volume 15 – Issue 22023-12-17T10:06:14+03:00

Year 2023 – Volume 15 – Issue 1


2023.15.1. spring DERGİPARK Contents Contents and from the Editor Research Articles Sexual Politics of Nutrition May It Be A Feminist Protest? A Sociological Study On The Meaning of Anorexia According to Anorectics- Temmuz Gönç Şavran, Ayla Zaman Masculinity Construction in the Context of the Dietary Patterns of Vegan Men- Nebile Eroğul Gender Equity And Fairness In Socio-Technical Assemblages of Digital Food Markets in Turkey- Eda Acara, Geran Özdeş Çelik Space, Experience and Gender Fragments of Women’s Modernization Experiences in a Company Town- Biray Anıl Birer Yanık Tracking of Everyday [...]

Year 2023 – Volume 15 – Issue 12023-06-28T19:50:53+03:00

Year 2022 – Volume 14 – Issue 2


2022.14.2. güz DERGİPARK Contents Contents and From the Editor Research Articles Menstruation As a Social Construction Field: Analysis of Oppression and Struggle in Women’s Experiences - Merve YILMAZBİLEK Discussions on Migrant Women’s Agency in the Migration Studies on Turkey - Nazlı ŞENSES ve Funda GENÇOĞLU Inequalities Both Within and Between Women and Men in the Axis of Paid and Unpaid Labor in Turkey - Mustafa GÜLTEKİN LOOK WHO IS TALKING? Critical Discourse Analysis of 52 Weeks 52 Men - İlkay ÖZKÜRALPLİ Crossing the Borders of the Genre and Gender: Jeanette [...]

Year 2022 – Volume 14 – Issue 22022-12-24T10:28:47+03:00

Year 2022 – Volume 14 – Issue 1


2022.14.1.  autumn DERGİPARK Articles Skyly Verses: Guardian Women and Conditional Acceptance in Plato - Haktan KALIR  A Feminist Interpretation of A True Story of Lucian of Samosata - Ünsal ÇİMEN The State of Mind of Working as an Academic in Anatolia: The Willingness to Believe in a Different World - Emine ERDOĞAN Reflections of the Informal Sector on Households: Women Cracking Pistachio in Gaziantep - Büşra Öztekin, Hikmet Çağrı Yardımcı Fragments of Everyday Life in a Pandemic: Autoethnographic Reflections of Young Women from Eastern and Southeastern Turkey - F. Güzin AĞCA-VAROĞLU, Berrin [...]

Year 2022 – Volume 14 – Issue 12022-12-22T14:09:10+03:00

Year 2021 – Volume 13 – Issue 2


2021.13.2. autumn DERGİPARK Articles Rock, Iced City Model and Home: Selma’s Ankara Ankara Novel Analysis Through Walter Benjamin - Fikriye YÜCESOY Queer Narrative Strategies in Pinar Kür's Detective Trilogy - Merve Esra ÖZGÜRBÜZ Self Silencing in Women: The Role of Environment, Motherhood Experience, Education, and Relationship Status - Meva DEMİR KAYA Figen ÇOK Observing “Socio-Cultural Turn” in Public Relations through Campaigns: An Analysis on #KıyafetimeKarışma - Ebru AKÇAY Hareem or Haraam? Clamps of Women’s Spatial Freedom - Güldane MİRİOĞLU Securing a Future with Social Capital: The Case of Syrian Refugee Women [...]

Year 2021 – Volume 13 – Issue 22022-12-22T14:06:59+03:00

Year 2021 – Volume 13 – Issue 1


2021.13.1.  spring DERGİPARK Articles Masculinity(ies) in “Feminine” Fields: Thoughts, Prejudices, Experiences - Sibel EZGİN AĞILLI Ebru AÇIK TURĞUTER The Representation of Gender Relations and Masculinities in Ahmet Ümit’s “Overlokçu Kız” - Saniye ÇANCI ÇALIŞANELLER Online Disclosure of Sexual Violence and Reactions in the Example of the Women’s Club as a Place of Disclosure - Özlem CANKURTARAN Günseli Ayça ŞALDIRDAK Feminist Work at Universities: CTS*** Units - Seda KALEM Gender, War, and Law: Sexual Violence Crimes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - Bilge ŞAHİN The working life experiences of women [...]

Year 2021 – Volume 13 – Issue 12022-12-22T14:05:33+03:00

Year 2020 – Volume 12 – Issue 2


2020.12.2.  autumn DERGİPARK Articles Depression and the Patriarchal Dichotomies of Modern Thought - Güler Cansu AĞÖREN Women's Psychological Empowerment Scale: A Scale Development Study - Binaz BOZKUR Woman’s Body and Discursive Order of Biopower/Biopolitics - Özlem AYDOĞMUŞ ÖRDEM Women in Football in Turkey: Nonworkers out of Place - Yağmur NUHRAT Analysis Of Modern Yoga: A Gendered Social Field - Özge DUMAN, Canan KOCA What Do Mothers Do, What Do Their Daughters Want? A Squatter (gecekondu) Neighborhood/ Through The Female Narratives Of Two Generations - Leyla BEKTAŞ ontribution of Geographical Research [...]

Year 2020 – Volume 12 – Issue 22022-12-22T14:02:55+03:00

Year 2020 – Volume 12 – Issue 1


2020.12.1. spring DERGİPARK Makaleler Women's Affairs in Radio Plays by Adalet Ağaoğlu - Özlem AKKAYA “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”: Graduation Henna, Homosociality and Youth Culture - Selda TUNÇ SUBAŞİ A Review on Women’s Urban Experience in Nevşehir Gökçe Nur Şafak - Gökçe Nur ŞAFAK Protest As An Action to Transform Everyday Life And Women As Protest Actors: An Assessment on Saturday Mothers - Ayşem SEZER ŞANLI A Paradox of Women’s Employment and Empowerment in Flexible Capitalism - Miki Suzuki HİM Discourse, Method and Ethics In Migration Studies: Is a [...]

Year 2020 – Volume 12 – Issue 12022-12-22T14:01:45+03:00

Year 2019 – Volume 11 – Issue 2


2019.11.2.  autumn DERGİPARK Makaleler Representations of the Mother in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema - Gül YAŞARTÜRK Women's Nature in the Hippocratic Writings and the Emergence of Gynecology - Gökçesu AKŞİT Web Sitelerinde Dijital Can The Content Provided To Digital Parents On Websites Be Independent of Gender Roles?: '' Website Example - Derya GÜL ÜNLÜ YEthnographic View on Women’s Experiences in Semi-Public Sphere - Çiğdem Yasemin ÜNLÜ Ethnographic View on Women’s Experiences in Semi-Public Sphere - Cansu DAYAN The Validity and Reliability Study Of The Turkish Version Of The Hostility Toward Women Scale [...]

Year 2019 – Volume 11 – Issue 22022-12-22T13:59:05+03:00

Year 2019 – Volume 11 – Issue 1


2019.11.1.  spring DERGİPARK Articles Digital feminism: The gender of Hashtag - Özlem ALİKILIÇ Şule BAŞ Transformation of female homosociality and female friendship in Fatma Aliye’s Refet - Ezgi SARITAŞ Pioneering women in law: An analysis on the introduction of women into the legal profession in Turkey - Emine BALCI Gender, evilness and body: Cultural construction of the femme fatale image - Murat ARPACI Tracing gender in political parties: A case study of AKP, CHP, MHP and HDP - Esra ARSLAN Transformation of Gendered Engineering Culture in Turkey - Ezgi PEHLİVANLİ KADAYİFCİ [...]

Year 2019 – Volume 11 – Issue 12022-12-22T13:57:36+03:00
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