To the Authors

The manuscript should be sent through the dergipark system. The manuscript should be between 5000-7500 words and conform to the journal style and its rules of anonymity, in other words, it should not contain any information about the author. The authors should send information about their affiliation, orcid and phone numbers, email, and postal addresses in a separate cover sheet.

fe journal: feminist critique only publishes original work. The manuscript submitted to the fe journal should not be published in another academic journal, research platform, etc. in any language. In addition, the manuscript should not be submitted to more than one journal for review concurrently.

fe journal: feminist critique employs a three-stage review process – the editorial board, external review, and the editorial board’s final decision.

The manuscript is initially evaluated by the editorial board for originality and conformity with the minimum requirements of the journal. At this stage, the manuscript is reviewed for plagiarism, compliance with the scope of the journal, formatting, and usage of the language. The editorial board evaluation is conducted as a blind evaluation process.

When a manuscript completes the first stage, it is sent out to two external peer reviewers. It is also conducted as a blind evaluation process. If the author objects to the reviewers’ reports or the editorial board receive one positive and one negative report from the reviews, the manuscript can be sent to a third reviewer.

The decision will be made based on the peer review reports, and the author will be informed as soon as possible by the editorial board. The editorial board may decide one of the followings:

    • The manuscript is accepted as it is
    • The manuscript is accepted with minor revision
    • The manuscript requires major revision
    • The revised manuscript should be re-submitted manuscript
    • The manuscript is rejected

In case of a decision for revision, the author is supposed to apply the demanded corrections and re-send the manuscript in one month (30 days) at the latest. After receiving the revised manuscript, the editorial board reviews the manuscript once again. Sometimes the revised manuscript may be sent to a specific reviewer who already had reviewed the manuscript. It is not unusual that the editorial board or reviewer to ask the author to make a second round of corrections.

Once the manuscript is accepted for publication fe journal owns the publishing rights of the manuscript.

For our December issue, you are expected to have submitted your articles by the beginning of October at the latest and by the end of March for our June issue.