Ethical Guidelines and Publication Policy

fe journal aims to provide original contributions, not based on translation. It cares about the ethical rules of academic writing. These are briefly as follows:

Authors are expected to submit plagiarism check (intihalnet, isnad, turnitin, i-thenticate reports) with their articles. Studies with a similarity rate of more than 15% and / or more than 3% from a single source do not enter the referee process. (We prefer it to be no more than 10%.)

It is expected that the article will not be sent to other journals simultaneously.

It is expected that other authors whose names are written in the article have contributed to the research and this contribution will be specifically stated in the article or correspondence. It is not ethical, nor is accepted by our journal, that people who do not contribute to the paper be listed as authors and/or based on hierarchical criteria such as title, age or gender, regardless of the contribution.

Reviewers only review manuscripts for which they may conduct blind reviews, and after the article review process, information about the article reviewed is not to be shared with others. While evaluating the conformity of the content of the articles with academic criteria, they are be open about differences in opinion in the article. In referee reports, contemptuous and accusatory statements are expected to be be avoided. In the case of a rejection, the referees are required to demonstrate in a concrete way the issues on which their conclusion is based.

We are an open access journal. We do not charge our readers or their institutions for access. The users have the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of articles.