Year 2018 – Volume 10 – Issue 1


2018.10.1.  spring DERGİPARK Articles Judith Butler's Critique of Hate Speech: Performative in Language and Injurious Language - Alev ÖZKAZANÇ Özkan AGTAŞ Translation Criticism of Gore Vidal’s "The City and The Pillar" through Queer Culture and Camp Talk Translation - Feyza SOLMAZ Non-Heteronormative Attachments: Melancholy and Intimacy in J.M. Coetzee’s Autofiction - Esra SARIOĞLU Özgecan Aslan Femicide in Turkish Parliamentary Sessions - Seçil DEREN To Be a Woman, To Be an Academician? : That's the Question - Duygu ALTINOLUK Feminist Pedagogy at a 'Provincial' University: Is It Possible? - İlknur MEŞE [...]

Year 2018 – Volume 10 – Issue 12022-12-22T13:53:15+03:00

Year 2017 – Volume 9 – Issue 2


2017.9.2.  autumn DERGİPARK Articles Archeology of the Abortion Law in Turkey: Abortion Regulations, their Gains, Constrains and Contestations - Hazal ATAY Justice, Inclusiveness and Fair Equality of Opportunity in Education - Raşit ÇELİK Human Trafficking Under the European Convention on Human Rights: Rantsev and Onwards - Nisan KUYUCU Feminist Policy on the axis of Governance Feminism: The Foundation for Women's Solidarity as an Example - Beril UĞUZ Marriage, Family and Gender in Karagöz - D Burcu EĞİLMEZ Sati Beg (Sati Bik) and the Post-Ilkhānid Middle East - Nilgün DALKESEN “Wonder [...]

Year 2017 – Volume 9 – Issue 22022-12-22T13:50:45+03:00

Year 2017 – Volume 9 – Issue 1


2017.9.1.  spring DERGİPARK Articles What Photographs Tell: An Analysis on Family Photographs - Selda TUNCER A Position Discussion on Intersecting Identities: Notes from a Woman Researcher Meeting with Russian Migrant Women Living in Turkey - Ayla DENİZ Tracing Motherhood and Fertility of Body in Erendiz Atasü’s Novels - Derya Şayman KAYLI A Feminist Ethics Approach to Sexuality and Reproduction: Fetal Personhood and Women’s Bodily Integrity - Ayşe DAYI Investigation of perception and moral stages of girls pushed to crime in the context of feministic ethics - Simel PARLAK, Halil EKŞİ Barış Bıçakçı’s [...]

Year 2017 – Volume 9 – Issue 12022-12-22T13:49:34+03:00

Year 2016 – Volume 8 – Issue 2


2016.8.2.  autumn DERGİPARK Articles “Men (Also) Cry!”: The Construction Of Masculinity And The Cycle Of Violence in The Context Of Gender Roles - Gizem ÇELİK  Masculinity and the Problem of Violence Against Women: A Critical Literature Review - Alev ÖZKAZANÇ Erman Örsan YETİŞ Profeminist Dads - Atilla BARUTÇU Naz HIDIR An Attempt for an Auto-Ethnography: Living in a Gated Community - Leyla Bektaş ATA Is it Possible for Female Researchers to do fieldwork in male-dominated site? - Lülüfer KÖRÜKMEZ Care Ethics and a Feminist Approach to the Philosophy of Education - [...]

Year 2016 – Volume 8 – Issue 22022-12-22T13:43:57+03:00

Year 2016 – Volume 8 – Issue 1


2016.8.1. spring DERGİPARK Articles Women in national socialism: A historical argument between victimization and perpetration - Fatih KESKİN  Monsterized city streets: thoughts on women’s urban experience - Derya ACUNER The masculine construction of the past between forgetting and remembering: Being a woman in Çaykara and the rejection of the past - Gülmelek DOĞANAY Analysing National Earthquake Strategy and Action Plan 2012-2023 (NESAP) with a gender perspective - Ebru İNAL Nüket PAKSOY ERBAYDAR The workers of the factory home - Fatma Özlem TEZCEK Özlem POLAT A field study on the social and [...]

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Year 2015 – Volume 7 – Issue 2


2015.7.2. autumun DERGİPARK Articles The political atmosphere in Turkey and reflections of the woman’s movement in the journals of the early republican period (1923-1925) - Ümüt AKAGÜNDÜZ  “The master of muscles”: Fitness discourse in Men’s Health magazine - İlknur HACISOFTAOĞLU Safter ELMAS If the first cultural material was a carrier bag: Construction of scientific narratives at the intersectionality between masculinity and meat-eating - Ezgi BURGAN “My name is my identity and must not be lost”: A critical perspective on the relationship between hegemonic masculinity and article 187 of the civil code - Özden [...]

Year 2015 – Volume 7 – Issue 22022-12-22T13:40:32+03:00

Year 2015 – Volume 7 – Issue 1


2015.7.1. spring DERGİPARK Articles A feminist view on the transformation of poor inner city areas: TOKI as ‘imposible civilisation,’ the sample of Aktaş district in Ankara - Burcu HATİBOĞLU EREN  The bargain between young women’s labour and capital: An unemployment analysis through state, labour market and family - Canet T. SARITAŞ ELDEM Women's poverty within global poverty, poverty centered NGO's in global women's movement - Betül YARAR Immigrant women working in domestic services in Turkey and economic violence - Çiğdem YALÇIN The problem of women’s access to justice before the European Court [...]

Year 2015 – Volume 7 – Issue 12022-12-22T13:36:16+03:00

Year 2014 – Volume 6 – Issue 2


2014.6.2. autumn DERGİPARK Articles What Is Happening To Women In Transitional Justice? Analysing The Crime Of Rape And Its Reconciliation In The ICTR - Bilge ŞAHİN   Human Trafficking in Turkey- A Feminist Analysis - Ceren BAYKOTAN Space and different perceptions of space: A study on Halide Edib Adıvar’s autobiography Mor Salkımlı Ev - Manolya HARNUBOĞLU The Woman who Cools the Nights of Childhood and Pursues her Voice Today:Tezer Özlü - Nihan BOZOK Meral AKBAŞ Feminism at the state and diaspora deadlock: Iranian women's experiences of exclusion and everyday resistance - Sanam VAGHEFİ [...]

Year 2014 – Volume 6 – Issue 22022-12-22T13:39:39+03:00

Year 2014 – Volume 6 – Issue 1


2014.6.1. spring DERGİPARK Articles Muslim Ottoman feminists' perceptions of their non-Muslim counterparts after Meşrutiyet - Aynur DEMİRDİREK  A Journalist on the streets: Suat Derviş - Feryal SAYGILIGİL Gender, technology and the city: The Ambiguous heteronormativism of the automobile - Elifhan KÖSE Finding the Modern Women Workers in Global Era: Hiring and Training Practices in the Corporate Retail Sector in Turkey - Esra SARIOĞLU A Discussion on Fieldwork Experience: Negotiating Insider and Outsider Positions, Multiple Identities and Gender - Göze ORHON The Public/Private Sphere Distinction in Cinema: The Iron Lady - Duygu [...]

Year 2014 – Volume 6 – Issue 12022-12-22T13:32:15+03:00

Year 2013 – Volume 5 – Issue 2


2013.15.2. autumn DERGİPARK Articles The act of Claiming Her own Story - Satı ATAKUL  Satirical Assemblages of Urbanity, Nation and Gender in Istanbul - Amy MİLLS How to Make Peace: Transitional Justice and Gender - Mine EGBATAN Women’s Political Movements in the West Bank and Israel: Challenging Perspectives From Within - Giulia DANİELE When Is Peace? Women’s Post-Accord Experiences in Three Countries: What Has Happened to Women’s Hopes for Peace in Northern Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Israel-Palestine? - Cynthia COCKBURN How can an Out of the Ordinary War Turn Into an Ordinary [...]

Year 2013 – Volume 5 – Issue 22022-12-22T13:26:07+03:00
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