• First Language: Turkish

  • Subjects:  Women’s Studies

  • Journal Section: Research Article

  • Authors: Michael S KİMMEL
    Artvin Çoruh Üniversitesi Sosyoloji Bölümü

  • Dates: 1 January 2013

Masculinity as Homophobia: Fear, Shame and Silence in the Construction of Gender Identity Masculinity is a product of social, cultural and historical conditions; and it is a social construction. It presents historical, as well as cultural and social diversities. Hence, it accommodates the potential of individual and collective change. Homophobia is one of the principles that reside in the core of patriarchy which organizes the cultural definition of masculinity –and American masculinity, the case of this article. The men are afraid of being ridiculed by other men by being labelled as “feminine”; but usually they don’t hesitate to do that to other men as well. Hence, they contribute the construction of exclusionary, oppressive and homophobic masculinities. Focusing on American masculinities, this article critically discusses the role of homophobia in the construction of masculinities, and suggests the men to contribute the gender struggle by turning to politics of inclusion, equality and justice.

masculinity, social construction of masculinity, homophobia, masculinities, masculinity studies

Michael S KİMMEL
Artvin Çoruh Üniversitesi Sosyoloji Bölümü