• First Language: Turkish

  • Subjects:  Women’s Studies

  • Journal Section: Research Article

  • Authors: İçten KESKİN
    Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, Siyaset Bilimi Ve Uluslararası İlişkiler Bölümü

  • Dates: 1 June 2015

Abortion debate and feminism Abortion debate includes a variety of arguments on whether abortion is accepteble or permitable and it has been dominated by rights based arguments. The debate generally focuses on the beginning of right to live and the limits of right of autonomy. These generally accepted argument has been challenged by some feminists, and the question of on which base feminism should defend the access to abortion became a seperate debate. Rights discourse had been critised for making fetus’ right to live and woman’s bodily autonomy seem as opposing interest and for disregarding the special situation of women as oppressed gender and as the only gender that can get pregrant. As an alternative to rights discourse, a wider frame for reproductive freedom, ethics of care, and responsibility and right to decide brought to attention. Even for those feminist who agree that aborion should be legal and safe there are still tons of questions left to answer. One of those questions is how to prevent sex selective abortion without disturbing woman’s right to be informed and right to choose.

Abortion, feminism, right to live, right of autonomy, reproductive freedom, ethics of care

İçten KESKİN  
Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, Siyaset Bilimi Ve Uluslararası İlişkiler Bölümü