• First Language: Turkish

  • Subjects:  Women’s Studies

  • Journal Section: Book Review

  • Authors: Benan Havva Baran

  • Dates: 30 May 2024

Critical masculinity studies associated with migration studies follow feminist critiques and emphasize that men’s experiences of migration, forced migration and displacement are gendered. This review assesses how Saeid Mozafari and Halime Ünal Reşitoğlu discuss the experiences of masculinity among married Syrian men in Ankara, shaped in the grip of poverty, war and forced migration. It discusses the uniqueness of the work within the research conducted in Turkey, especially on the Syrian diaspora, and its contribution to feminist research. Drawing from the field research findings in the book, this review emphasizes the repaired and transformed masculinity negotiations of Syrian men during the forced migration process through the importance of intersectionality.

Alternative Masculinities Forced Migration Refugee Men Critical Studies On Men And Masculinities Intersectionality

Benan Havva Baran