• First Language: English

  • Subjects:  Women’s Studies

  • Journal Section: Research Article

  • Authors: Eda Acara, Geran Özdeş Çelik
  • Dates: June 2023

This study examines the impact of digitalization on women producers in the food market in Turkey, in relation to the increasing role of women’s labor in digital markets during the Covid-19 pandemic. It explores the relationship between women’s labor value and product prices, as well as the cyber-violence. The study used in-depth interviews with 10 female producers from various regions in Turkey and analyzed the data using MaxQDA software. The article highlights the challenges and potential benefits of the digital market for female producers and emphasizes the importance of designing digital tools that promote gender equality. The study reveals the gendered nature of digital food markets and advocates for a feminist-socio-technical future that promotes community economies. The paper situates gender as an analytical category and uses Lefebvre’s spatial triad as a theoretical lens to explore the production of digital space in food markets. The study advocates for the development of justice scales and feminist-socio-technical tools to value the invisible and unpaid labor of women in the digital market.
digitalization, women producers, food production, gender equity and fairness, socio-technical assemblages
Eda Acara, Geran Özdeş Çelik