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    Cansu AYDIN  (Primary Author)

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Aiming at shedding a light on refugee women’s experiences with social capital, this article tries to answer the following questions: whether and how do Syrian refugee women utilize different forms of social capital to find jobs in NGO-Rs in Turkey? Investigating the role of bonding, bridging, and linking social capital, a qualitative methods study was conducted with Syrian refugee women that
work at NGO-Rs in Turkey. The data analyzed was generated by thematic analysis of semi-structured interviews with 16 Syrian refugee women working in NGO-Rs in Gaziantep, Turkey; and a key informant interview that was conducted for triangulation purposes with an office manager of an NGO-R that finds work for Syrian refugees in Turkey. Research findings reveal that Syrian women tend to rely on personal and professional ties to find jobs and survive in the sector; and it radically increases their employment prospects.

social capital, Syrian refugee women, Turkey, NGO