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    Cennet Ceren ÇAVUŞ  This is me (Primary Author)

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The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief analysis of two confusable philosophical positions, Transhumanism and Posthumanism, and compare their approaches in terms of their social and ecological concerns through an examination of Donna Haraway’s “cyborg identity.” Haraway introduces a ground-breaking approach in A Cyborg Manifesto and her later works, which blurs the formerly defined, distinct categories and identities that underlie the oppression of animals, humans, men, women, machines etc. By using postmodernist deconstruction, she wants to challenge Western dualisms and all kinds of oppression it causes. While Transhumanists, who inherit anthropocentrism from Humanism, support technological advancement to enhance the human condition, Posthumanists draw attention to the harms of the anthropocentric approach in terms of social and ecological justice and offer a more comprehensive and compassionate approach to other species inhabiting the planet. Since both Transhumanists and Posthumanists promote enhancement, Transhumanists need Posthumanist insights to really enhance the human condition concerning her environment.

Posthumanism, Transhumanism, Ecofeminism