• First Language: Turkish

  • Subjects:  Women’s Studies

  • Journal Section: Research Article

  • Authors: Yasemin GEZER TUĞRUL

  • Dates: 1 January 2009

It can be said that motherhood, which is accepted as one of the most important turning points of a woman’s life, is given a sacred status by the patriarchal system and religious institution. This sacredness also has an important place in determining women’s position in society and motherhood role through gender roles. In recent years, among women who define themselves as religious, how women relate to society in terms of motherhood role, and how women understand ve internalize motherhood are some important topic in Islamic debate. This study is taking the perpective of Islam on women and the discourse on motherhood of feminist theory into account and examines how motherhood practice is socially reproduced. For his purpose, in this article a comparison is mad between teh perceptions of “Reçel Blog” and “Müslüman Anneler” blogs on motherhood. These two blogs stand out among the ones written by religious women.